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1/2 Price Movers is proud to be "Family Owned & Operated". We are honored to have been serving the Tri-State Area since 1968; Providing Professional Movers at a Great Guaranteed Flat Rate. We make moving affordable and easy for everyone. It doesn't matter if you are moving a Piano or a 3,000 square foot house; we always take pride in customer service and satisfaction assuring you a worry free and hassle free move. Read what our customers think about the service we provide.

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1/2 Price Movers customers gave us a rating of 9.99 out of 157 testimonials.
Rating: 10 left on Apr/08/2016
From: Dorothy
Danny, Chris, John aka creepa, Mark moved us today. I have moved several times but this was the most
positive, painless move I have ever had. Professional and courteous, these gentlemen were a pleasure to work with. I have already referred a neighbor. She watched them work and is going to call you. Brittany was a pleasure, too.

Rating: 10 left on Mar/04/2016
From: Diane Kelly/Marie w
Matt and his crew made the move in record time fun,but carefully done. They were just great.

Rating: 10 left on Jan/07/2016
From: camille
Great movers. Starting with the rep. Linda who helped me organize my move right down to the move itself they guys were great. Steve, John Matt and Louis thanks so much. They took special care in packing the furniture and placing it where I wanted it. They were all very friendly and professional and very affordable. I would definitely recommend them and use them again.

Rating: 10 left on Dec/30/2015
From: Greg Olivieri
On 12/29/2015 I had your crew of Steve, Evan, Chris and AJ move us and I can't say enough about how satisfied I am with the way things went. They were courteous and very professional throughout the whole move. The were very careful with each item and transported them with no damage. I highly recommend 1/2 price movers if you are considering a mover.

Rating: 10 left on Nov/25/2015
From: rick
The group of John (The marine) Will and Steven did a amazing job moving my furniture they were extra careful also. Great group of guys would recommend them to anyone. Thanks again boys

Rating: 10 left on Nov/11/2015
From: Jennifer fortunato
Brian Dedos, Louis, Dylan, and Aj, where great they where respectful and helped me out tremendously. I would recommend them to anyone who would need a moving company. Thank you Jennifer

Rating: 10 left on Oct/28/2015
From: Evaretta Wilson
Brian and his crew were exceptional. They took care of my fridge like it was there own and when they hit an obstacle they did what i suggested without acting like they knew more because they were the movers! Great group of his and they deserve the big thumbs up! Thanks guys☺☺

Rating: 10 left on Oct/28/2015
From: Melissa
affordable and efficient. The moving team, led by Gary, including Evan and Will was friendly and professional. They got things done and didnt waste time, which i greatly appreciate!

Rating: 10 left on Sep/04/2015
From: Joann Grillo
On 9/4/15 I had a piano moved from the living room and brought down to the 1st floor. The conditions were tight with turns and railings in the way. Matt and his crew worked it out and moved tthe piano without removing the railings and safely completed the move. The whole crew was extremely accommodating, polite and professional. Thanks to the team.

Rating: 10 left on Sep/01/2015
From: Rafaela Santiago
Chris,Matt,Leroy,Alex & Chera were excellent with their moving skills,careful and very fast in getting the furniture.

Rating: 10 left on Aug/31/2015
From: Jenna Laible
We moved Friday 8/28 from a 4 story townhouse on Staten Island to a house in Red Bank, and our moving team was awesome. Edwin, John, Dylan and David were extremely professional, friendly, and took great care of our furniture and belongings. The guys were able to come up with solutions when tight corners in the townhouse became an issue, and everything arrived safely and soundly. I would highly recommend our moving team and 1/2 Price Movers to friends and family. They definitely made moving day so much less stressful.

Rating: 10 left on Aug/17/2015
From: Donna Perez
I had my move this past Friday, 8/14/15. I couldn't wait to tell your company how happy and highly satisfied we are with the whole experience! Considering I was nervous about everything as we had a closing on our house the same day, Matt and his crew relaxed us by having everything under control. We loved their personalities, they were so fun, yet they were so professional and protected all of our furniture and belongings with extreme care and delivered everything to our new home perfectly! It was a long, hot 90 degree day and I never heard them complain. It is very important to me for you to tell Matt and his crew(I wish I could remember their names), that we were so satisfied and happy. I will highly recommend your company to anyone moving as they will make it an easy experience! Thank you so much!

Rating: 10 left on Aug/06/2015
From: Jen and Brian
I would just like to give a huge thank you to Edwin, vin, Dylan and Gary for such an amazing job! These 4 gentleman were beyond professional. Respectful. And had a great sense of humor throughout the entire moving process. I highly recommend them! I will be requesting them for my next move.

Rating: 10 left on Aug/04/2015
From: Gabriel Cynowicz
This was our first time using a moving company and I would recommend 1/2 Price Movers to anyone! Our moving team was excellent! We had Derrick, Luis, Dylan, & Chera. They all worked very hard and were extremely efficient. Derrick & Luis were very patient when dealing with the disassembly & reassembly of two pain in the a$$ Ikea kids beds. All the guys had a good sense of humor and treated our furniture and belongings like it was their own.

Rating: 10 left on Jul/31/2015
From: Toni lagala
I moved yesterday July 30 2015. I want to start off with how impressed I was with the way the men handled themselves.First offf they called me before my appointment time to tell me they were early and was that alright...I was happy they even asked and I told them of course I was ready for them...They came in John and the whole crew introduced themselves..I was impressed ..Stressful moving but they just were terriffic and we went through what was on the list and than they started to wrap and pack up my things..It started to rain really hard and they were don't worry we will wrap everything and they did just that and the rain subsided...They wrapped everything very well and moved everything with great professionalism..All my furniture and appliances were moved without a scratch.I couldn't believe how organized ..efficient...and polite each one was....They made my stress disappear..I knew I was in good hand..,So in closing I want to Thank John very much also Aaron .Gary..Edwin..I manage a business and come in contact with a lot of people and will recommend your company very very highly...Thank You Toni Lagala

Rating: 10 left on Jul/30/2015
From: Marty Tursi
We have used half-price movers in the past and have recommended them to our friends. Yesterday Edwin, John, Gary and Matt arrived on-time and were pleasant and professional. My daughter is planning on moving and I will highly recommend these guys.

Rating: 10 left on Jul/29/2015
From: Veronica Bennett
My moving job was july18. I was very upset, things didn't seem to be going well. My movers came. Rick was the team leader. Tyrell, Chris, & Derrick were the crew. These men were great. Immediately I was at ease! They were professional, curious, and worked great with each other. They were fast, & Hard working. It was hot & humid that day, they never complained. My crew was on piont!!!

Rating: 10 left on Jul/27/2015
From: Seth Ptasiewicz
Jay, Matt, Chris J. and Alex provided excellent, professional and personable service for our storage facility move on July 26, 2015. Would definitely use your company again in the future. Great work thank you!

Rating: 10 left on Jul/25/2015
From: Elsie
Edwin, John, Dylan, Gary - This move went exceptionally smooth. They were prompt, efficient and friendly. After a combination of eight flights of stairs they were always on top of the task in hand. In addition, they were very courteous and patient to my 89 year old mother. A great team --- too bad you do not move to Idaho - which will we our next move! Thanks again to you guys.

Rating: 10 left on Jul/21/2015
From: Beatrice
Danny,John,Evan, and Zach - these guys were amazing! Not only highly professional at every turn but able to maneuver large, heavy pieces with glass, up steep stairs, around bends and into a smaller space! I cant praise them enough, worth every penny!😀😀

Rating: 9 left on Jul/01/2015
From: Wayne
I will recommend half price movers..they was reasonable with price..the movers was prompt...careful with our items..courteous ..john..Matt..Evan..Joe,,did a great job from SI to South NJ

Rating: 10 left on Jul/01/2015
From: Pam
Right from the start everything was wonderful. Andrew who booked the move for me was professional and courteous. Tom, Evan & Matt were my movers and they were excellent. Couldn't ask for more!

Rating: 10 left on Jun/26/2015
From: Dina Cundari
Edwen, Vinny and Leroy were amazing! Professional, hard-working and courteous. This is my 2nd time using this company.

Rating: 10 left on Jun/22/2015
From: Barney Agate
This was the second time we've used 1/2 Price for an interfamily move within Staten Island. They were prompt, pleasant, and efficient. Ryan was our driver and he was a pleasure to deal with. His crew was friendly and thye worked well. Glad we found them, happy to keep using them.

Rating: 10 left on Jun/13/2015
From: Marie Affatigato
Edwin, Dave,Vinny, and John were the best. They were friendly, polite, courteous and worked very hard. The move was in and out, very quick. I would recommend them to anyone that is moving. Thanks again!!!

Rating: 10 left on Jun/08/2015
From: joanne
I moved on 6/7/15 by Danny and crew and they wonderful, courteous, professional. I moved from Staten Island to New Jersey and everything ran smoothly. Thank you

Rating: 10 left on Jun/02/2015
From: Ann Dicembre
I moved Sat. 5/30/15 Tommy, Calvin and the crew were professional, hard working and very courteous.

Rating: 10 left on Jun/02/2015
From: D.J.O.W.T.C.R.T
What an incredible bunch of movers,Matt,John a U.S.Marine war Hero and staff did an incredible job on our move way out of state in the hour during the move from not only from my old home to my new home they were all true professional gentlemen mover kind and Respectful clean and cautious in our old home to new home not ruining our furniture and valuables not only did they get our furniture to our new home, they put together and help me and my family fix our broken furniture being permanently disabled I could not do nothing not only did they move my furniture being disabled I could not do the stair climb due to a recent stroke john helped me personally from floor one to floor 3 in my old home to my new relaxing home a true hero and now new brother friend Matt and his team also performed duties and helped me and my family as well ,all I can say the rates were awesome great awesome respectful movers I've ever had and I moved all over the United States over the last 20 years working thank you all and your staff and thank you John a True American War Hero for your services protecting us all and our homeland and serving over seas in battle Welcome Home brother I rate them not a 10 as movers and there company I rate them all a 100!

Rating: 10 left on May/26/2015
From: Danielle Giarratano
Edwen, Dave and Chris S. were FANTASTIC. These guys helped us move everything out of our 1 bedroom apartment. They were courteous, prompt, careful, hardworking and we couldn't have asked for more. They did everything and everything arrived safe and sound. I have used them twice and would highly recommend them to anyone having to move. Thanks again guys!!!

Rating: 10 left on May/13/2015
From: Roseann lioce
Jay, Luis and Edwin were excellent!!! They were helpful, kind and experienced. I would highly recommend them to anyone I know that was moving. They made a stressful time easy for me.

Rating: 10 left on Apr/25/2015
From: Robert Morganbesser
I was helped move by Matt's crew. They arrived promptly and went right to work. The crew was friendly, polite, professional and worked hard. They loaded and unloaded so quickly, I thought there were six of them! I've rarely had a better experience moving. If I ever move again (and I hope I don't), I'll certainly be calling you folks again! A million thanks!

Rating: 10 left on Apr/16/2015
From: Lauren
We moved on Friday April 10, 2015. Matt and his crew were wonderful. Matt called that morning letting me know they would be there at 8:30am. They were right on time. Everything was moved carefully and they took pride in their work. Everyone of the guys were great. Very friendly. My 7 year old son really got a kick out of them. I have family that will be moving in the next few months and will definitely be calling again. Thanks again for a job well done!!

Rating: 10 left on Apr/15/2015
From: Bernice C.
Had to move some of my furniture and my Harley over to Philipsburg ,PA on 4/10/15.
Tom, Vinny and Dave were professional,on time with a sense of humor because it's approximately 4 1/2 hour rode from Staten Island to the mountains .
I recommend 1/2 Movers and ask for Tom, Dave and Vinny to help you with your next move.

Rating: 10 left on Mar/18/2015
From: kenenth sleap
Tom, John and Edwin helped move me into my home and they were very professional and prompt. Thanks again for your help.

Rating: 10 left on Mar/02/2015
From: Nicki Hagen
We had Derek and his crew over to move us and they were wonderful. The communication before arrival was right on target with timing. Once they arrived they were courteous and professional and extremely personable. We have used 1/2 Price in the past and that is why we called again. These 4 guys are an asset to your company and I wouldn't hesitate to use you again!

Rating: 10 left on Feb/12/2015
From: Susan Cleary
Tom and his team did a great job with our move. Prompt, courteous, careful and friendly!

Rating: 10 left on Feb/02/2015
From: Dave M
Great job. Very curtious. On time. Would highly recommend them.

Rating: 10 left on Jan/20/2015
From: Christina
I used 1/2 Price Movers this weekend. DERRICK and his CREW were amazing. My furniture was moved without a scratch or a nick. These guys are so professional and on top of that they are courteous and pleasant to speak to. I would defintely use DERRICK and his CREW again.

Rating: 10 left on Dec/18/2014
From: Mary Vella
Good morning and a very Blessed Merry Christmas to All of you, the email is a few months late do to my procrastinating forgive me, But I have to say A Very Big Thank you to All of you for doing such a great job in moving us. We moved on July 25th, 2014 and Anthony's crew moved us in a quick, efficient respectful no stress move. A little late but thankful to you. Then on July 30th, 2014 Dave's (Boats) crew moved all our furniture out of a very large storage unit, and I must say I was very impressed with his crew as well. I moved many times in the past and never had this great of an experience before . You are a very special company, keep up the Good Work and my prayer for all of you is that God will continue to Bless every one of you this Christmas and in the New Year 2015, Give my Blessings to both of the crews that moved us, they were very patient with me because of our other bad experience and they were Kind, Courteous , Funny, Respectful , I can't say enough to Thank you. Tell Dave (Boats) to kiss that little baby of his, his wife was due on August 1st and he was moving us the day before, what a guy, hope all went well. So every one have a Very Very Merry Christmas and God Bless you All. Xoxo William & Mary Vella

Rating: 10 left on Nov/27/2014
From: maria
I moved on Novemer 25 2014...The crew Matt, Arthur and the other two men were all excellent ! they were professional .. Kind and friendly ..They did everything to make my move as smooth as possible ! thank you guys ! You are all the best !!

Rating: 10 left on Nov/08/2014
From: Gerard V. Grimaldi
Amazing!!! OUTSTANDING! Matt, Leroy, Chris, and Lewis were amazing!! They arrived on time and went right to work! Taking my wall unit apart with expertise and they were very careful with everything!! It only took them 2 hours to get the truck loaded!! I would like to highly recommend them! I don't move much but I have to tell you these guy's were were a god sent we didn't go far but they were a dream!! I highly recommend them!!!!!

Rating: 10 left on Oct/27/2014
From: Crystal R
The whole experience wa great from beginning to the end. Kyle and crew guys were great quick effcient and respectable. Would totally recommend them!!

Rating: 10 left on Oct/25/2014
From: Roseann
Ricky and his group assisted us with a move today. They arrived early, were extremely efficient and very professional. They did an overall great job. I would use your service again and highly recommend it to anyone who needs to use the service.

Rating: 10 left on Oct/17/2014
From: Marie
Moved from Staten Island to toms river, nj on 10/16/14. Matt, mike, Leroy, and vinny were the crew for this move. They arrived on time, and were professional in everything they did. I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of moving...great job 1/2 price, excellent crew....

Rating: 10 left on Oct/17/2014
From: Marie
Moved from Staten Island to toms river, nj on 10/16/14. Matt, mike, Leroy, and vinny were the crew for this move. They arrived on time, and were professional in everything they did. I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of moving...great job 1/2 price, excellent crew....

Rating: 10 left on Oct/17/2014
From: Marie
Moved from Staten Island to toms river, nj on 10/16/14. Matt, mike, Leroy, and vinny were the crew for this move. They arrived on time, and were professional in everything they did. I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of moving...great job 1/2 price, excellent crew....

Rating: 10 left on Oct/09/2014
From: Jason R.
I used 1/2 Price Movers to move from Staten Island into Central NJ. From the time I received the estimate to the completion of the move was an absolute pleasure. Danny and crew did a great job from showing up promptly and moving my furniture quickly, without a scratch! I would definitely recommend 1/2 price movers!

Rating: 10 left on Oct/09/2014
From: brian windsor
Our move from Staten Island to New Jersey was perfect/ The crew headed by Chris was professional , courtesy, careful and very competent. All of our belongings including many fragile antiques arrived in perfect condition. Chris managed the move with clock like precision. All of the movers were great. Thanks and I highly recommend your service.

Rating: 10 left on Oct/06/2014
From: elliott cohen
we used 1/2 price for the second time in a week..linda at the office and chris and his crew were great..i'm amazed at how fast and professional the move is..i highly recommend 1/2 price to all my friends..great job,again..Elliott&debbi cohen

Rating: 10 left on Sep/30/2014
From: Sara shona
I was very happy with the way my move was handled. Anthony and his team worked very hard and took care to ensure that my items were packed and secured properly. They were pleasant and friendly. :)

Rating: 10 left on Sep/25/2014
From: Cathy Cortes
I am writing on behalf of Matt's team(including Louis, Vinny and Chris)who moved the contents of my 9 room apartment to two different locations in Brooklyn. Despite inclement weather, the motivated, entusiastic and friendly team worked effeciently and feverishly to get the job done. I would highly recommend them to family and friends. Thanks guys!!!!

Rating: 10 left on Sep/25/2014
From: Andrew Sutton
We were moved on 9/24. From beginning to end our experience with 1/2 Price Movers was outstanding. Maria and the girls in the office were helpful, courteous, and patient with all our concerns. Chris and his crew who moved us showed up promptly. All our belongings were wrapped and handled carefully. They were as professional, courteous, and helpful as the office staff. I have used moving companies many time but this firm was head-and-shoulders above all the rest.

Rating: 10 left on Sep/07/2014
From: elliott cohen
We moved on sept.4.From Linda at the home office,to matt and his crew,I can't say enough positive things.Everyone was courteous,professional and couldn't have been nicer.I would recommend 1/2 price movers to everyone who needs to move.Thanks again to all.Elliott&Debbi Cohen

Rating: 10 left on Sep/02/2014
From: Rose Kukunda
I hired 1/2 Price Movers about one and a half weeks ago from Queen, NJ to New Jersey and was extremely pleased. Ryan and his crew did a superb job and hope that they will all be rewarded for a job that was well done! They were very efficient and courteous. Maria and Kathleen from the office were very helpful too. I paid the flat rate that was quoted plus the tolls. There were no hidden charges. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anybody. Rose K.

Rating: 10 left on Aug/25/2014
From: John C.
Ive heard horror stories about moving companies so I approached 1/2 price movers with skepticism initially, however; Anthony and his team of 3 other guys eased my worries. They showed up at my mother's house in Monroe Twp on time to the minute. These guys were extremely polite, courteous, quick, honest and very careful bull. I even asked them to take my bike and a few smaller items that I forgot to mention problem...I would definitely use Anthony and crew again

Rating: 10 left on Aug/25/2014
From: lee venezia
I just finished moving thanks to Matt...Mike. .Cosmo..what a fantastic moving experience...So polite...caring...attention to detail...the BEST..movers ever!!& I have made many moves since 1968....I will be singing their praises from this point on!!..lee

Rating: 10 left on Aug/24/2014
From: Denise Marino
I hired half price movers for my move on august 23rd 2014 from my two bedroom apt in Brooklyn to Staten Island. I was extremely happy with them. Anthony's team of three guys were very accommodating, polite and hardworking. They arrived on time and stared immediately. They were very efficient and did the job in about Five hours. I had a lot of furniture and they moved everything without any damage.

I would highly recommend this company for any move.

Rating: 10 left on Aug/23/2014
From: Lisa Petitto
Anthony & crew were excellant! They were all professional, respectful & it was a pleasure to have them move my belongings. Please recognize them as they were terrific & deserve the recognition.

Rating: 10 left on Aug/19/2014
From: dorothy
Mike, Matt, John and Leroy moved me yesterday...they were terrific. So patient, efficient and nothing was damaged. I would highly recommend not only this company but this group of movers! Thank you, again.

Rating: 10 left on Aug/19/2014
From: Jeff L.
Matthew's crew did a great job. They were careful, professional and polite and a great representation of the company. Will definitely use them again.

Rating: 10 left on Jul/31/2014
From: Debbie Caldarola
I had to move 2 times in a month and I used 1/2 price movers both times they did an awesome job and were very polite careful with all my furniture!!

Rating: 10 left on Jul/29/2014
From: john sorkvist
Matts crew was amazing. 4 of the most well mannered gentleman that made moving a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend them to everyone. They were fast and very experienced in moving and storing any type of furniture. Again highly recommend Matts crew

Rating: 10 left on Jul/28/2014
From: Maria Ruiz
We were very pleased with the professional services we received both from the administrative department & the moving crew. Linda was exceptional. Her customer service was excellent. Linda made us feel confident that we were choosing the right moving company. Our moving experience on 7/11/14 was great & stress free, thanks to David Ruiz and his moving crew. David and his crew were respectful, cautious, quick & efficient. The crew was very careful with our furniture & property. Therefore, because of how David and his crew worked I would hire '1/2 price movers' again & highly recommend them to others who are considering a move.

Rating: 10 left on Jul/28/2014
From: Lisa
Best moving experience we've ever had. The Queens crew -- Ricky, Kyle, Marc, and Adonis -- were on time, courteous, FAST, and able to manipulate large pieces of furniture to fit in tight spaces. Not a scratch on anything, not a scratch on the floor. Great, great crew.

Rating: 10 left on Jul/23/2014
From: Doug
Had the best crew for our move. We are a retired Military family with about 23 moves under our belt. The crew run by Matthew was on time, professional and top flight. Mike, Mike, Gabe and Arthur were professional, coordinated and worked as a team. Our move was done in under five hours. It was a move across the street from a two story house to a three story house they were all over this place. They moved a piano, a high tech refrig and a bar. Across town, across the country none better. Thanks team!

Rating: 10 left on Jul/18/2014
From: Katie Cambria
I wish that I could give higher than a 10 to show just how great my moving experience was. My movers were Ryan, Eli, Kris, and Lamar. They showed up on time and kept in touch with me prior to coming just to keep me informed. I was moved out of my apartment and into my new home in less than 4 hours. They were respectful, caring with all of my belongings, and really went above and beyond to make this is a great experience. Thanks again guys! Will 100 percent use 1/2 price movers again!

Rating: 10 left on Jul/17/2014
From: Lisa
My mom hired this company and was not disappointed . They called when coming and did the job quickly and professional. Anthony, Mike M, Chera and Rob were very helpful and respectful of my moms stuff. Would of gave them more stars if I could. Would definitely hire again!

Rating: 10 left on Jul/16/2014
From: Janine
I'm sorry I can only give a 10 and not a higher rating to the team and staff of 1/2 Price Movers! We called to book our move and spoke to Kathleen, her price quote was right on the money, and her patience and precision to detail were spot on! Then our confirmation call from Brittany was clear and concise. We were of course nervous and stressed to move our whole life but in the hands of Anthony, Arthur, John and Chris...we found we had NOTHING to worry about. They took care with our possessions as if they were their own! In the heat of the day they worked tirelessly and never once made us feel that we had anything to be concerned about! Thank you for making what could have been an exhausting, stressful day, a smooth and easy transition. From start to finish their professionalism showed and they will never know how much we appreciate that! Great job!! Great price!!

Rating: 10 left on Jul/14/2014
From: Marcus Hampton
This was our first time using these quaility movers. Here our review of the great company.

The staff at ½ Price Mover is absolutely awesome. This is truly a great family business. It starts with the office staff (Maria) to the team leaders to the movers. On July 1, 2014 team leader Shanti and co- leader Ricky along with team movers Krish, Mark and Jacob did an absolutely fantastic job moving my mother’s furniture into storage. (Piano, small washer and dry, bedroom and several boxes) I was very impressed with the handling of the piano; it was treated as if it belonged to ½ movers with total care and consideration. The team arrived on time and the entire move from loading to unloading at the storage facility took about 3 ½ hours. The Hampton family highly recommends ½ Price Mover and there quality staff for any type of move large or small and their flat rates are UNBEATABLE!!!!

Rating: 10 left on Jul/03/2014
From: Francesca
Matthew's crew had to be the most respectable, courteous and hard working crew at this company! They definitely knew what they were doing and swapped two bedroom sets with ease and with much care! By far this was the best experience I have had with movers (5th move - 4th with this company). I would highly recommend the company and this crew especially!

Rating: 10 left on Jun/30/2014
From: Frank Petrosino
I would like to thank Linda, Britney, Jose and his crew for a job well done. This is the second time I used your company (first time was in february of this year) and both times you guys (and ladies) were number 1. The first time Matt and his crew did a great job. Both times went flawless. Honest, hard working people are hard to find these days, but I found them in 1/2 price movers. Thank you ALL again.

Rating: 10 left on Jun/25/2014
From: Helinda DiLorenzo
Thank You to Jose, Evan, Billy & Steven you are quite a team! You took such care in moving our family treasures meticulously wrapping everything and carefully moving pieces we couldn't have been more pleased with your service. Thank you again and again!!!

Rating: 10 left on Jun/24/2014
From: Michael LaVolpe
Let me start by saying that I'm dissapointed the ratings only go to 10. My wife and I were beyond impressed/relieved/thankful for the job that this company did for us, more specifically, Anthony, Jay, John and Aaron. These guys worked rediculously hard moving our 2 bedroom apartment out of Brooklyn and into our house in Sayville, Long Island. An all day (15+ hours) affair that could have very easily been a nightmare, was instead an incredibly smooth and stress free process. We really can't say enough about the work ethic and price that we received, and just want to say a huuuge Thank You to the crew and 1/2 price movers. You guys will definitely be our first reccomendation to friends who are moving in the future, and obviously to our future moves. Cheers, and thanks again!
-Mike, Natalie, and Waylon.

Rating: 10 left on Jun/22/2014
From: Ellen
(Left on June 20,2014)
Once again, I would highly recommend 1/2 Price Movers.The three men,Anthony the lead man & his crew Steven & Tommy were fantastic.They were respectful, very pleasant,efficient & very hard working men.I have heavy pieces of furniture & not one item was damaged.I would recommend them to anyone.Excellent job & very professional. Thanks to a terrific crew, you made my move go very smooth.

Rating: 10 left on Jun/18/2014
From: michael perrotta
The move couldnot went any better.I was moved out and in my new house in less than 5 hours with a problem. thank you mike

Rating: 10 left on Jun/17/2014
From: Lori
I had a great experience with 1/2 price movers. They were very accommodating, working with my schedule. Jose and his crew did a great job! They were respectful and sweet...and took great care of my furniture! I'm very happy and will be sure to use this service again in the future!

Rating: 10 left on Jun/11/2014
From: Charlie
I had a sent up to move on a Saturday and the movers did not show up and then I called ½ price movers Saturday evening and Marie was so helpful and was able to move me on Sunday and I was glad since it was such a short notice, Shanty came on Sunday and 3 other gentlemen and they were great move me with no problem and were very professional and accommodating and very polite. They moved a 75 Gallon double panel fish tank that was very heavy (I’m sure they will not forget that fish tank) it took all 4 men to bring up to the third floor but they got it up and none of my items were damage. I will recommend these mover they were great.
Thank you ½ Price movers you guys were fantastic

Rating: 10 left on May/29/2014
We moved two households on the same day and I can't begin to say what a great job both crews did. Chris was the lead man on my move and he and his men were excellent in every way. I don't know the lead man on my son's move but they were just as professional as on my move. Many kudos to your company and and to the people that work for you. Oh yes let me not forget Maria in your office excellent job


Paul Bandhold

Rating: 10 left on May/21/2014
From: Gene M
Excellent quality of work, I definitely have them move again, recommend them to anyone I know who is moving!!!

Rating: 10 left on Apr/30/2014
From: Gasper Signorelli
On behalf of my self and my cousin Michael Scarpitta we applaud the work of the 911 move now crew. Josh,Gabe, Chiris were fantastic. They were on time, worked hard and quickly, and without any damage to any of our property. Plus they were pleasant and extremely courteous. We would recommend them to anyone.

Rating: 10 left on Apr/29/2014
From: Tom and Caiazza
Move date 4/29/14
From the start Jose's and his crew were great. They were so professional, they all introduced themselves and greeted both me and my wife. Our move was complicated and could have been a nightmare but instead it went off without a hitch. Every detail was followed to the letter and the whole crew were great to work with. I would recommend your company and especially that crew highly. I look forward to working again with you in the future.

Rating: 10 left on Apr/17/2014
From: Joanne Ransom
I had the pleasure of working with Josh, Evan, Gabe and Chris on my move date of 4/15/14. These young men were extremely courteous, professional, hard working and friendly. Moving can be a stressful time but the staff alleviated mine. Even from my inital contact in regards to an estimate, Linda was pleasant and helpful. Most importantly the price quoted was the price paid which is unheard of when it comes to moving! It was a pleasure doing business with this company and I will definitely use their service again and again.

Rating: 10 left on Feb/22/2014
From: Joanne
My Crew was "Jose's Crew". They were so professional and nice. Moving is the one thing I hate most` and they made it bearable! I would reccomend this company any day!!!

Rating: 10 left on Feb/09/2014
From: Donna Petrosino
On February 8th we used half price movers to move my dad out of his home of 54 years. Needless to say there was a lot to move! I was so dreading this day. Matthew and his crew arrived exactly when they said they would and everything was smooth sailing from the time they started until the last item was moved. Within 15 minutes all of the dread and stress were gone. I could easily see how professional they were! Some of the pieces were quite large and heavy, but these guys were fantastic! I highly recommend them! Their price was very fair, and they got the job done quickly. Every item was handled with care and without a scratch to furniture, walls or doors! I will be moving in the spring and would not even consider using any other company! Thank you gentlemen!

Rating: 10 left on Feb/01/2014
From: Gabriel Rivera
On January 31 2014 at 8am 1/2 Price movers employees/movers Jose, Vin, Josh and Mike were outstanding from beginning to end and worked at a super pleasant, fast and secure pace!! These guys were all awesome as well as Linda and Gabriel who called me various times throughout the week to set up my move date and verify times and rates and if I need anything else !! This company is reliable and great and once again to Jose, Josh, Vin, Mike thanks guys for an awesome job and great work !!

Rating: 10 left on Jan/23/2014
From: Donna Lamoureaux
Moving is a harrowing process to say the least. Anthony and the crew, Gordon, Louis and Louis's cousin (his name escapes me, sorry)were amazing. They were very professional and so careful with all of our possessions. Truly 4 of the nicest young men I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. I would highly recommend there service and would not hesitate to use them again. Thanks again guys!!

Rating: 10 left on Jan/05/2014
From: keith
I was so impressed with the porfessionalism and speed of the whole process. I was very, very pleased.

Rating: 10 left on Jan/05/2014
From: Maria Luppino Joe DeSantis
I just had Anthony and his crew move some truly heavy pieces that were also extremely big. The job looked impossible to be done ,but the guys worked so well together and made it happen. Anthony is a true leader...I would recommed you guys any time..Thanks for your help..
Sincerely Joe and Maria

Rating: 10 left on Jan/03/2014
From: Maria
First time I had to use movers. Best experience ever. I moved 12/21/13 and was told they would be at the house at 8:30 am. They guys got to my home early and started right away. All 4 were GREAT and worked well with each other.

Rating: 10 left on Dec/29/2013
From: Josh Robin
Anthony's crew were fast, courteous, careful and thoroughly entertaining. Great bunch. Thanks.

Rating: 10 left on Dec/13/2013
From: debbie
Josh....Jay....and Gordon.....=Excellence
Best experience ever!!!!
Will definitely recommend to all my friends

Rating: 10 left on Dec/11/2013
From: Mrs. Bernice Marin
These Guys were amazing. They showed up on time and they worked very well together as a team.They were polite, fast and got the job done in a timely matter. Thank you Matt, Gordan, Nico and Jay. I will definitely recommend you and if I move again I will call you.

Rating: 10 left on Dec/10/2013
From: Emily Scaglione
Your guys were excellent. Arrived right on time, very professional, and they took care of everything. I had only gotten three hours of sleep the night before (working on my new house) and they told me to just relax and let them take care of everything. They were great guys and I can't thank you enough. I will DEFINITELY call this company and this company ONLY if I ever move again.

Rating: 10 left on Dec/10/2013
From: Tracy

Rating: 10 left on Nov/25/2013
From: Dave
Just had Matt and his crew move my apt into storage and I will never use anyone else besides Matt and his crew ever again , very professional, no rushing and very reliable in handling large heavy furniture and fragile breakables. TOP OF THE LINE MOVING CREW, A MUST HIRE!!!! Thanks again guys ill see you in July for my next move.

Rating: 10 left on Nov/25/2013
From: charles c. coutu
I am 80 years old and have never had such a great job done by movers.i believe his name was jose who was the leader and 2 young men who were absolutely terrific.they were prompt very capable,courteous and considerate . I will definitely refer evey one I know to use them.i forgot to mention they really are half price

Rating: 10 left on Nov/23/2013
From: Desiree
Anthony and his crew did a great job. They moved my whole apartment in no time and showed great care with my belongings. I would highly recommend their services!

Rating: 10 left on Nov/23/2013
From: Sarah
Danny's crew with Gordon, Eddy, and Billy was excellent. First, they arrived early. Then, they greeted us so warmly and told us not to worry about anything. They moved everything quickly and professionally. The rate was very, very reasonable, and beat another mover we were looking at. If you are moving, go with 1/2 movers!! They moved us with kindness!!!

Rating: 10 left on Nov/22/2013
From: emainuel
Earlier this week I used these guys to move a piano from my house to my daughter's. I was very nervous dude tonthe fact my floors were redone and the piano was very old and fragile. Matt and josh thank you guys so much. Not only did they come right on time. They made a nervous nacy into a well satisfied costumer. I would def recommened this guys to anyone..thanks again matt and josh

Rating: 10 left on Nov/21/2013
From: Pat
We can"t say enough to praise the wonder, considerate, caring, thoughtful four perfect GENTLEMEN that moved my elderly parents from New Jersey back to Staten Island. Much thanks to Danny, Gordon, Mike M and Vinny for a job beyond well done. We give these guys 100% rating and AAAAA+++++. Once again can"t find the word to say how pleased we were with the moving company but most of all the GREAT CREW that got the job done. THANK YOU again, from Pat

Rating: 10 left on Nov/21/2013
From: Bonnie
These guys are excellent! Fast, efficient, professional, and friendly. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing to move, whether big or small. Thank you!

Rating: 10 left on Nov/17/2013
From: mike
To whom it may concern my wife yaharia used half price a few days ago for an office job in englewood cliffs nj. These guys were outstanding, polite, and quick. Chris crew will be very much recommend for any one that I know moving. Thank you for your time and I eill call you use if I need another move.

Rating: 10 left on Nov/16/2013
From: Joseph Nahoum
Matt, Nico and Josh get an A+++. They were prompt, respectful, and did a great job from start to finish. Will refer and rehire this team again!!! Thanks!!!

Rating: 10 left on Nov/07/2013
From: Jennifer
My family and I moved about a week ago. I was a little nervous knowing I was going to be the only one around all day with the movers. Thankfully my parents hired these guys. They were so motivated, polite and good company to be around. I didn't worry about any of my stuff, they really knew what they were doing. They had, I believe his name was Anthony making sure everything was set up correctly in the truck. My mom was worried about her wall mirrors getting ruined, and I saw how they wrapped everything up nicely and strapped it to wall. They were really delightful to be around. I believe the boys names were Anthony, Steven, Marcus and Danny. I would definitely use them again. I felt very comfortable around them. GREAT SERVICE!

Rating: 10 left on Oct/31/2013
From: James
Let me start by saying I haven't seen a team with so much chemistry ever. Josh's crew was totally outstanding, respectful and fast. Thinking about moving? Choose these guys!!

Rating: 10 left on Oct/28/2013
From: Samantha
I recently moved from Staten Island to Jersey and was completely worried with my antiqued furniture and glass coffee table. I had three movers, Anthony, Evan and Andrew. They were by far the best movers. Witnessing what has happened to others with other companies had me worried but Half Price Movers has my total confidence. I recommend them to anyone. They were able to get my furniture up my steps and safely without a scratch on my wall or pieces. Thanks for everything!!! Hopefully I wont be moving soon, but I know who to use!

Rating: 10 left on Oct/23/2013
From: Anthony
As a family, we've moved five times in the last twelve years as we've grown. We've used just about everyone. 1/2 price movers was exceptionally better than any other, hands down.

The team we had couldn't be better. They were prompt, respectful, careful, and unbelievably hard working. They all cared about doing it right which you don't always get in any service, let alone moving. They took all our furniture carefully apart and put it back together again perfectly. They even helped us figure out a great layout for our new home.

Lastly, the price was much less than any others we contacted. Nice to see a family business doing it right. I am recommending them to anyone I know who needs to move. Thanks again for a painless experience! Well Done, Josh, Nico, Louis, and Gordon.

Rating: 10 left on Oct/03/2013
From: Rozalyn Wright
The experience I had with 1/2 Price Movers was excellent. Jay and his crew were very polite and professional and they handled my furniture very well. I would recommended this company and I would especially recommended Jay and his crew. Thanks the the three movers that completed my move on October 2, 2013. Phenomenal!!!!!

Rating: 10 left on Sep/30/2013
From: Joseph Calorel
On Sunday September 29, 2013 I had Danny Crew move us from 110 Westervelt Ave to our new Apartment 55 Thompson Avenue.
They came on time and were very respectfu; to me and my partner and to our stuff. They all were helpful and did the bestr jkob I ever had with movers.
Wheb we got to the new house they asked us were everything I to go and put it in all the right places.
The Dannuys crew is the best that I had ever seen and worked with, They made the whole move very stressful and it took alot of my mind.
Danny is a great leader for his team and his fellow movers as well.
I would use them and ur company when ever I need to move again.
Danny Crew was great super stars.
Joseph Calorel

Rating: 10 left on Sep/11/2013
From: Anat & Dave Rizzo
I can't begin to tell you how wonderful of an experience I had with Jose and his crew. They were awesome, from start to finish, not to mention quick. Not one nick or scratch on anything. Jose and his crew were on point. Thanks for a great experience. Would highly recommend you and will certainly use you in the future should I ever need movers offense, but hopefully not too soon. :)

Rating: 10 left on Sep/11/2013
From: Toni Ann Ruiz
Danny and his crew were amazing in helping my family and I move into our new home. They were very courtesy, professional and worked in a quick fashion. I will definately recommend them to my friends and family.

Rating: 10 left on Sep/08/2013
From: Rob Weinstein
Daniel and his crew moved me on 8/30, they worked hard and did a great job. Thanks.

Rating: 10 left on Aug/27/2013
From: Chris
The act of moving itself, must be by far one of the least favorite things to do in life. Anthony's crew (Steve, Steve, Jay, and Anthony) made this move actually enjoyable! From their prompt arrival to my apartment in Staten Island, to my new home in Jersey, these guys were professional, polite, careful and extremely helpful. My wife, who is 8 months pregnant, was directing traffic and the guys wouldn't allow her to touch anything.
Being in the food service industry for 20 years, my service standards are very high. These guys met and exceeded my standards and I would recommend them to anyone!

Great job guys and thanks again!

Rating: 10 left on Aug/26/2013
From: Tom M.
Had Matt's crew including Nico. We moved from Staten Island to NJ into storage. The team was well organized, took care to wrap up all furniture and did it all very fast. No suproses with teh actual prove vs. quote either. We liked them so much we hired the exact same crew to move us from storage to our home.

We've also recomended the same crew to a relative who was recently moving who also highly recomends their work.

Will continue to reccommend to others.


Rating: 10 left on Aug/14/2013
From: RVE
Danny and the guys provided excellent service. Great service and great price

Rating: 10 left on Aug/13/2013
From: Vanterpool
I was very pleased with their service. The guys arrived on time and work hard at providing the best service. They were very careful with all my delicate items. I would highly recommend all my friends to use them on their next move. Whether its big or small, they definitely get the job done at a fraction of the cost!!

Thanks 1/2 movers for making my move an easy one!

Rating: 10 left on Aug/09/2013
From: dave
Anthony and his guys were fast and efficient. They moved my piano in and out fast.

Rating: 10 left on Aug/08/2013
From: Geraldine
I had Dannys crew today to move some pieces of furniture. They did an excellent job, everything went smoothly. It was a pleasure to work with such a nice group of guys.

Rating: 10 left on Jul/30/2013
From: Mike V
This was hands down the most pleasent moving experience Ive ever had. Anthony and Gordons crew did an exellent job moving my entire house into a storage facility. The price I was quoted was the price I paid. Nothing was broken and they handled my personal things with extreme care all while in good spirits. I have nothing but good things to say and im still shocked my move went so well. I was ready for another nightmare like my past moves. I will be moving out of my temporary apt into a new house shortly and will be using half price movers again!! My real estate agent recomended them and now I will do the same. Great company all around!

Rating: 10 left on Jul/11/2013
From: tracey
These guys were amazing, fast, and friendly. I would definitely recommend Chris and his team to anyone I know moving.

Rating: 10 left on Jul/08/2013
From: Iverrie
I moved 7/7/13 & have to say: Best Moving Company Ever! They were punctual and professional. I had alot of items that required dissasembly and reassembly and they did it all effortlessly! It was a very hot day out and these guys were pouring in sweat and never missed a beat. Go Team Anthony!!!! :D

Rating: 10 left on Jul/08/2013
From: Castelli
My move was on Sunday 7/7/13. Danny's crew with Ruben and Andrew was punctual and dedicated. They were excellent even in the 100 degree heat! I would definitely recommend them! Danny was an excellent leader and packer. His helpers worked very well with him. Thank you & 1/2 price movers for a successful and pleasant move! God bless!

Rating: 10 left on Jun/29/2013
From: James
I had my move on June 29, 2013. They were amazing. Best move I've ever had. We would never consider using anyone else. The crew went above and beyond, they were pleasant, friendly, professional and most importantly on time. They were an absolute pleasure to deal with. I'm so pleased I had to take time from unpacking boxes to write a review and let everyone know how great they were. Thanks for everything and I will certainly use you guys again.

Rating: 10 left on Jun/27/2013
From: Vilma
Chris crew moved me and my family on Saturday, June 22, 2013. These guys were fantastic. Job well done! Thank you so much for your services. I hope I don't have to move again but if I do 1/2 Price Movers is who I'll call. Thanks again and have a great summer.

Rating: 10 left on Jun/26/2013
From: Janice Astarita
Hi, I had Danny' Crew move furniture from my mom's house in NJ to mine and my sister's house in SI. They were fast and professional and went above and beyond and the price was great. I would recommend them any time.

Rating: 10 left on Jun/17/2013
From: Diane
This is the 3rd time I have used Half price movers and I am completely impressed with the group of guys I have gotten everytime. This time I had Anthony's crew and they were awesome. They went above and beyond and stayed late to accommodate my changes. Great group- extremely professional , very quick and take great care with all of my belongings especially my china that got there in perfect condition. Thanks so much!!!

Rating: 10 left on Jun/07/2013
From: Peter Soriento
I had a move scheduled on June 7 at 8:30am your truck and crew arrived on time it was a rainy day making the move more difficult and stressful but Danny and his crew were still pleasent and professional they were great when it came to wrapping and moving our pieces some which were bulkey and heavy but Danny was more then careful to see that nothing was damaged my complements to him and his crew on a job well done he is a credit to your company .My wife have made several moves over the years but none were aqs satisfactory as this one thank you

Rating: 10 left on Jun/06/2013
From: Linda Norton
On June 5, Anthony, Chris & Jay did an in-house move for us they went above and beyond to accommodate our needs, they were professional, curtious and made every effort to protect our furniture from any damage.

Rating: 10 left on May/21/2013
From: Theresa
We used 1/2 price movers and were VERY impressed with their service. Nick & Vick were extremely professional and courteous. I highly recommend this business!

Rating: 10 left on Apr/07/2013
From: Barbara M
Best experience ever! On April 1st, our family moved from Staten Island NY to Albany NY. Since it was such a long distance, 3 hrs away, it was extremely important for us to find a moving company that was reliable & professional, as well as honest & friendly. We did some research on line & we found that Half Price Movers was the only one that had the best overall positive feedback from their customers, so we decided to call. We spoke with Bill, who was the nicest person ever. Right off the bat, great first impression! He went over all the details of the move, what needed to be moved, and where we were going, and happily answered every question we asked. He explained the details of a move like this very clearly, provided us with a very reasonable detailed written estimate, sent to us via email, and we decided to book our move with him. We decided on a time for the movers to arrive, and they called the day before to confirm. On the morning of the move, a crew of four very nice, polite, and professional guys, (Anthony, John, Gordon, & Jose) arrived on time, and ready to go. These guys worked so hard! They worked diligently as a team, and were very careful with every single piece of furniture & all of our items that they loaded onto the truck.They never complained once, even with the 3 stories of steps they had to climb, and were very pleasant & friendly the whole entire day, it was really incredible! I never in a million yrs expected a move this big to go so smooth & well. And, the best part is that the price we were quoted, was the price we paid, and not a penny more! It was so well worth it! I can't say enough about the company & especially the crew! To anyone out there who are looking for movers, look no further, Half Price Movers is the way to go! You will not be disappointed!

Rating: 10 left on Mar/20/2013
From: Toni-Ann & Phil
We had a relatively small move, but they arrived early and hustled all morning. Anthony's crew went above and beyond! We were extremely pleased with the price and service. THANK YOU!

Rating: 10 left on Mar/19/2013
From: Tony
I can't say enough good things about your service. They were able to get our very large sectional out of the house without a scratch!! When they moved my daughter from a second floor apartment to another second floor apartment they were very careful and efficient. I have used them in the past and look forward to using them again in the future.

Rating: 10 left on Mar/16/2013
From: Louise Fontao
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bill at 1/2 Price Movers for his kindness at a time of need. As a Sandy victim I am so appreciative to say the least. I was very impressed and satisfied with the way they handled my furniture. I highly recommend this company to any one in need of a moving company. God Bless you. Thank you.

Rating: 10 left on Mar/04/2013
From: Anthony Antonucci

Let me tell you about the crew that moved me on Feb 27th From New Jersey to Staten Island.
I only wish that you had a Rating of 11. Because what Danny , Matt, Evan , & Nick Deserve. Excellant Movers I already gave you a reference as I type to Kudo to you. Polite , Kept me Informed on everything they were doing. Hard working guys. I worked for apprx 10 yrs and dealt with all large moveing Companies. Because I was responsible for all moves into New Jersey buildings. Your 4 men beat them many times over. It was a wonderful day for me when I met you guys. Please Tell that were Fantastic. I also plan to give your company as a refernce to my friends & to AT&T TO DO ALL OF THERE CORP MOVES. Thanks again to you and your company.

Rating: 10 left on Feb/28/2013
From: Pasquale Cioffi
Excellent. Very Professional. On Time. Danny and his crew were great. Nothing was scratch, dented or missing. They take everything apart and put it back together where you want it. I absolutely recommend this company.
Thank you Danny and the crew for a Professional job.

Rating: 10 left on Feb/18/2013
From: Christine
Just wanted to drop a note to let you know that your guys that did our move on Feb 14th were phenomenal. It couldn't have gone smoother. We had Danny, Matt, Tommy and Big Rob.

They were so hard working, careful, polite and simply nice people. As my husband said "If more people had their work ethic, America would be a better place."

Thank you again to you and your employees. We will definitely be recommending you to others.

Rating: 10 left on Jan/13/2013
From: michael
Great job by Anthony's team! Half Price Movers arrived 30 minutes early and hustled the whole time. Nothing but nice things to say! They even moved a few items around once we realized the furniture wouldnt work in a room and had to go up or back downstairs! Awesome job by the whole team!

Rating: 10 left on Jan/08/2013
From: Michael
Jose's team were excellent movers very efficient and realy polite and helpfull I would recommend this company to anyone. And the price was right and service outstanding

Rating: 10 left on Dec/21/2012
As a Realtor/Broker/Owner we only deal with companies we can rely on and who do exceptional work.
We have recommended 1/2 Price Movers on several occassions and they have met Our Expections of excellent service and satisfied clients.
Satisfied customers = Referrals and that what our Business is all about Referrals. Real Estate is "A FAMILY AFFAIR"

Rating: 9 left on Dec/06/2012
From: Sean
I had a very good experience using Half Price Movers. Anthony with a crew of 3 showed up to move, and used great care in moving my furniture and piano, while finishing the job with great speed.

I would have rather had a better insurance policy option, but the price was right, they got the job done, and I did not need to use the insurance policy at all.

Rating: 10 left on Dec/04/2012
From: Ralph
Great Job Half Price.Anthony's Team moved furniture from a home to a storage unit and they were great. They moved everything with care and organized everything into the unit.I went into work today and recommened them to everyone. Thank you for a great job done.

Rating: 10 left on Nov/27/2012
From: Marjorie Atherholt
My experience with this company was very plesant, the movers were very professional and did an excellant job. They made my move stress free! You also can't beat the price.

Rating: 10 left on Nov/04/2012
From: Melissa
Danny Matthew Anthony & Steven were awesome. They did a great job and were very sweet and kind. I definitely recommend 1/2 price movers for any move or pick up needed. Danny & his crew knew what they were doing and got the job done in no time!!! I truly appreciated help and couldn't have asked for a better crew.

Rating: 10 left on Oct/02/2012
From: Esther
I was moved last week by Big Jose and his team consisting of Mike M. Evan M and Danny G. To say that they made a very stressful day enjoyable is no lie. They were due to arrive at 8:30 AM and at that precise moment, the truck arrived outside my door. Big Jose and his team were the most professional movers I have ever used. They were polite, respectful of me and my possessions and the most helpful. The move was finished in an amazing short period of time with no problems what so ever! I would use this team again and would recommended them to any of my friends! Thank you all for a job well done!!

Rating: 10 left on Sep/29/2012
From: Kris
Danny and his crew were awesome! Clean, quick, and extremely professional. If I ever need a mover again Danny and his crew are no doubt the first call I make!

Rating: 10 left on Sep/18/2012
From: Lillian M. Power
This was the smoothest and best move I have ever expierenced. In addition, this was a difficult move as we had things going to two houses as well as a storage unit. Danny and his crew were not only professional and caring, they went out of their way to help in whatever way they could. They were patient, understanding and professional. I couldn't have asked for better and will be using them again for any future move. Also, I would like to give a shout out to their receptionist, Linda, who knew this was going to be difficult and that I was worried. She was able to put my mind to rest with her kindness and thoughtfullness. Thanks Danny and guys. You are the B E S T!

Rating: 10 left on Aug/24/2012
From: Dorothy
1/2 Price Movers just finished my moving job, and I wish they could do my renovation. The minute we spoke to Alexia to setup a move, we knew this was the company to use. Little Jose and his crew were an absolute pleasure. The men are extremely professional, courteous, respectful, and treated my furniture with more care then I do. They said they would be at my home at 8:30, and they were right on time. This is the only company to use, and you have to request Jose and his crew for your move. You will not be disappointed.

Rating: 10 left on Aug/15/2012
From: christine borriello
Half Price movers are the best! I have used them 3 times in the past year an they are always professional and handle everything with care! I am pleased to say I am using them for another move this coming sunday

Rating: 10 left on Aug/06/2012
From: Don Isoldi
Moving is very stressful to begin with (as anyone reading this, will know). I started with a google search and found 1/2 price movers. I figured why not, so I called. I spoke to Linda and I was sold. I actually changed my moving date in order to book them. On the day of my move, I was called by Danny (Team Leader) and he informed me that he was on his way. We met at my house and Danny and his team took a walk through of my home and what I was moving. They were polite, curtious, respectful and efficent. They were also extremely careful not to damage anything (walls, doors, etc.). I would definitly use them again. Thank you, 1/2 Price Movers. You made a stressful day as painless as possible.

Rating: 10 left on May/01/2012
From: Peter Seijo
Anthony and his crew were courteous, polite and professional in every way. I highly recommend 1/2 Price Movers for their exceptional service.
Thank You

Rating: 10 left on Apr/30/2012
From: Danny De Santis
We were very satisfied with the our move today performed by "Uncle" Mike and his four man crew. They were very professional, courteous and extremely careful with the furniture and our boxes and bundles. They were on time, worked like a team, and went above and beyond our expectations. I would recommend them even to move my Mother .... wait they DID move my Mom. We will definitely use 1/2 Price Movers again when I move in two months and I will ask for Mike and his crew.

Rating: 10 left on Apr/25/2012
From: Jo Criaris
Excellent movers! I wrote my full testimony above, but I would like to add something I know is VERY important to ALL of us customers. The price! Half price movers gave me a flat LOW rate over the phone for the belongings I described. While I was packing I realized I had more boxes than I thought, so I asked them over the phone how much would this affect the total cost. The dollar amount was next to nothing so I was able to have them move all my possessions and didn't need to have friends nor family move anything for me. After the move, Half Price Movers charged me the EXACT price they had told me over the phone. NO hidden fees. They are upfront and honest!! Another move I had about a year ago with another moving company told me $400 over the phone, and then at the end of the move, made me pay over $800 in cash. No joke. I was astounded (and broke). THAT'S ANOTHER REASON to go with 1/2 PRICE MOVERS!! THE AMOUNT THEY TELL YOU OVER THE PHONE IS THE AMOUNT YOU END UP PAYING AT THE END! Thank you SO MUCH guys for your honesty! It was well-appreciated. Jo

Rating: 10 left on Apr/25/2012
From: Jo Criaris
Half price movers, especially Danny's crew, was PHENOMENAL!! They are VERY careful and considerate with ALL of your belongings. They work diligently quick and super efficient! Honestly, after the move not one item of mine was broken nor damaged. I was EXTREMELY pleased with their service. Plus Danny and his crew are refreshingly personable and friendly. They made a nerve-racking day for me go SO smoothly and perfectly. I am overly grateful and thankful!! This was my first time using their services, and my mother's 7th time! I was initially nervous, as anybody would be with about two bedrooms worth of furniture, but all throughout the move they exceeded my expectations. Well done guys!!! Jo :)

Rating: 10 left on Apr/04/2012
From: Karen canlon
I used 1/2 price movers and was very happy with the service; Jose and his crew were very friendly; helpful and professional. I highly recommend them.

Rating: 10 left on Dec/02/2011
From: jennifer
I just recently bought a house, so i needed movers, i shopped around and stumbled upon half price movers, I submitted an internet request and received a call the very next day, the asked me exactly what I had and gave me a flat rate. The day of the move Mike and his crew showed up and were extremely courteous and friendly. The move went smooth and the guys were extremely professional. I would highly recommend them and would definitely use them again.

Rating: 10 left on Nov/30/2011
From: bernie
The service was amazing , Danny and his crew were polite respectful fast moving and very careful with my furniture ,, if you are looking for great movers then go to 1/2 price they are amazing !

Rating: 10 left on Nov/26/2011
From: Rosanne Perrone
Excellent friendly service. On time and efficient! I would highly recommend!!

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