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Moving Tips

There are two start times 8A.M. or 11A.M.-1P.M. like a lunch time start. You can request morning like most people do we just can not promise you a start time.

7 Days a week it's all the same price, if you need to change your date or cancel there are no penalties. We simply ask that you let us know so we can fill the spot.

Anything is counted as a box. It can be a plastic bag, plastic bin. Even items like a bicycle, large picture frame and potted plant. Those items are wrapped in a moving blanket andcounted as a box. It's always $2.00 per box to move them. The day of your move we can adjust your box count either way.

We do ask that all your furniture is emptied out the best you can so we can come in and blanket and tape all your furniture nicely for you. We do not disconnect and gas orwater connections.

Anything we take apart we will put back together and that is included in the price.

It's a cash payment upon delivery. If you get stuck we do accept credit card payments for a small fee.

We will call you the day before your move to confirm your time and go over all the details of your move. We will also answer any last minute questions. Don't worry we tryto make everyone happy with their start time.

We are going to do a great job for you because we need you to refer us to all your friends and family after we complete your move.

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